Building SEO

Inbound Links

The most important, but most frequently overlooked SEO strategy. When relevant, high credibility websites link to your web pages, you are on your way! Avoid black hat link farms that promise hundreds of links in a short period of time. Build these up over time with quality content, online press releases and through one-on-one relationships with other web publishers.


If you have a lot of content, consider using breadcrumbs to help people and search engines understand how your content is organized.

Page Title

Choose a title for each page that’s descriptive of the content. Be sure to use <h1> tags for the main headline.


Make sure you put image alt tags in your images that are descriptive. This helps search engines and visually impaired people know what you are displaying.

Body Text

Don’t underestimate the importance of your body text! If you want people to find you when they search for “dog grooming” you must use the words on the body text.


Help people and search engines find the important sections of your website using subheadlines. Be sure to use <h2> or <h3> tags for subheadlines.

Hyperlink to Related Content

Find ways to link relevant content together on other pages of your website. When linking, put the most important keywords as part of the link. Avoid putting useless words like “click here” in the link.

Contact Information in the Footer

Make sure the footer of your website includes your contact information. This also builds trust with your customers when you don’t hide this information. To encourage phone calls, also post your phone number Robots.txt File prominently in the header of your website.


Your URL should be as keyword-rich as possible. Domain names with keywords are ideal. Also, use permalinks like /dog-grooming below to make specific pages more search friendly.

Title Tag

This should keywords specific to the page you´re on. Start with specific, then get more general. Google will display the 65 characters.

Meta Tags

The old-school approach to SEO, meta tags have much less impact on your rankings today. However, take time to write a good meta description for each page. Google displays the first 155 characters in their search results, and that’s how people decide where to click.


Putting a brief tagline at the top is a great way to tell people what you do, and use some important keywords while you’re at it. Don’t overdo it.

Menu Navigation

Choose no more than 7 top-level navigation sections that will organize your website, and help search engines find your most important content. If using dynamic drop downs, keep the code nice and clean.

Simple, Prominent Contact Forms

This is not an SEO tactic, but if you make it easy for your prospective customers to contact you, they will.


Posting video is a great way to show up higher in the Universal Search results on Google. Post original videos , and setup a special video sitemap.

Keyword Cloud or Tag Cloud

Consider tagging all your blogs, pages, video, events, products, and other content with relevant keywords. This gives visitors a chance to find relevant info on your website.

News/Blogs – Powered with an RSS Feed

Post your happenings in a news archive that’s connected to an RSS feed. This allows people and search engines to susbcribe to your feeds and more quickly find your latest updates.


Make sure your site includes a sitemap that is kept up-to-date. Link to the sitemap in the footer, and in a robot.txt file.

Robots.txt File

A robot.txt file the tell the search engines what pages to index, and which pages to ignore, among other things.


  • Using images to display important text on your page
  • Hiding text (i.e. white text on a white background)
  • Link farms and other black hat methods of getting links
  • Flash intros that appear before your home page
  • Duplicating content that appears on other websites – Messy HTML code
  • Things that seem to good to be true
  • SEO people who guarantee a specific ranking in Google

We can help!

Every SEO tactic on this page is a standard, built-in feature with a website from OpenMoves.